Known as one of the safest and cleanest cities in California, Fremont is home to one of its biggest prides - Northwestern Polytechnic University (NPU). Established in 1984 by Dr. Barbara Brown and Dr. Ramsey Carter, NPU is an institution that offers a high-standard technical and business education at undergraduate and graduate levels. It also operates as a non-profit institution.


NPU philosophy, as intended by the founders, has always been focused on students. Both the Mission and Vision Statements affirm that NPU shall always be of service to the students and community by its commitments to excellence and constant improvement.

Location And Buildings

NPU is located in a high-tech park in Fremont, where there are also offices and corporate headquarters. The main administration building is on Westinghouse Drive and 3 major buildings of theirs (the East building, the North Building, and the South Building) are located on Warm Springs Boulevard. Not far from there, in the southeast, is Silicon Valley, which explains why NPU has taken the technical path.


The two main departments are The School of Engineering and The School of Business. The School of Engineering offers degree programs in two areas, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Masters courses are also available in Electrical Engineering (MSEE) and Computer Science (MSCS). They also offer a Doctor of Computer Engineering.

The School of Business Administration and Information Technology offers a Bachelor of Business Administration and Information Sciences (BBAIS), and a Masters of Business Administration (M.B.A). They also offer a Doctor of Business Administration. NPU also offers various General Education courses such as English, Mathematics and Natural Sciences, and Humanities.

Student Life

NPU’s student life is dynamic and colorful. Aside from regular studies, students can become a member in six or more student organizations, for various extracurricular activities. Fremont is a diverse community and as a result, so is NPU. Almost 50% of the students are of different origins, which makes it the ideal multi-cultural school.

Seminars And Workshops

Not only does NPU deliver a high-quality education with regular courses, but it also organizes different seminars and workshops to give the students maximum exposure to current issues and recent developments in technology. These seminars help students stay ahead of the game once they have entered the real world.

NPU is a non-profit institution; hence, the tuition fees are quite affordable. Yet, they offers various scholarships to meritorious students, applicants, and alumni in order to motivate and encourage them. The NPU Scholarship Review Committee is responsible for selecting and awarding scholarships to deserving students.


NPU boasts of its on-campus housing facilities as one of the best places to live while studying at the university. These are ideal student living quarters, featuring fully furnished double rooms with bathrooms, study areas, laundry rooms, high-speed internet, and complete kitchen appliances.

Living on campus can be a relief for students, since the Fremont and Silicon Valley areas can be quite expensive. International students who come here for the first time are advised to use the online student portal to apply early for reservations, as the rooms are on a first come, first served basis.


Living in Fremont and studying at NPU can be a welcoming change in anyone’s life. Whether you are an American or an International student, NPU and Fremont have something unique to offer that would have a positive impact on anyone’s life.