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7 Annual Events To Experience In Northern California

Whether you're a local, just passing through, or in the middle of an epic trip, Northern California is a beautiful region that boasts a wide variety of events that are held all throughout the year.

There's something to enjoy for everyone, from families with young kids, to couples who want a memorable date experience. If you are looking to purchase a new home in Newark, California, take a look at the listings here. To help you plan your adventures, here are some highlights of the best events taking place in Northern California every year.

3 Great Neighborhood Coffee Shops To Try In Fremont

Coffee is perhaps one the most popular beverages today. For coffee enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike, Fremont and the surrounding areas serve up some of the best locations to enjoy your favorite beverage. Whether you want lattes, cappuccinos, espressos or more, you can easily get these beverages at local coffee shops. While Fremont is home to some of the best coffee shops, choosing the best one is not easy.

Discover Newark's Freshest Offering: Niles Farmer's Market

If you reside in Newark, CA, then one of the most ideal locations where you can get fresh fruit and vegetables is the Niles Farmers' Market. If you just purchased a new home in the area, learn more about the Niles Farmer's Market.

Why The Castro Is One Of The Most Sought After Neighborhoods In San Francisco

Standing among some of San Francisco's affluent neighborhoods, the Castro is an enduring establishment in the Eureka Valley. It is encompassed and surrounded by a very rich history from centuries ago. Castro Street was named after Jose Castro, a Mexican American opposition leader in California in the 19th century, and renowned for his fight for civil rights.

Have You Visited the Golden Gate National Recreation Area Yet?

The Golden Gate National Recreation Area is one of the best kept secrets in the San Francisco area. This area, which flanks the Golden Gate Bridge and includes parts of three counties, as well as Alcatraz Island, has something for everyone.

This area is accessible by public transit, although driving in your own vehicle will allow you to explore more of the park. Enjoy 59 miles of coastline, and hundreds of historic buildings along with beaches, forests, and amazing views.

Aquarium Of The Bay: A Marine Lover's Delight In San Francisco

For those who are excited to get a closer look at northern California's aquatic life, then there's probably no better place to go to than the Aquarium Of The Bay in San Francisco. Visitors can treat themselves to close-up views of the over 20,000 marine creatures that are housed there. They include many kinds of ever-impressive sharks, mesmerizing jellyfish, playful river otters, contortionist octopus, and many, many more. It's a wonderful place for family fun and education.

Golden Gate Park: Perfect Family Park For North Californians?

Besides being a highly populated and sophisticated city, San Francisco boasts several green havens, with the most prominent of them being the famous Golden Gate Park. This park is not just a giant patch of grass, where visitors can enjoy throwing frisbees and having picnics. To be precise, it is the city's life line; a verdant oasis where revelers can relax and reconnect with nature.

5 Famous Restaurants in San Francisco To Enjoy

Whether you are a resident or a tourist in the great city of San Francisco, one of the best ways to enjoy what the city has to offer is by taking a food tour of the city. There are many eateries in San Francisco that serve some of the most delicious local and exotic dishes you have ever tasted.

The city's population is made up of people from many different backgrounds, which has contributed to the wide variety of food options that are available. The following are 5 of the most renowned restaurants in San Francisco.

Top 5 Attractions To Visit In San Francisco

The city of San Francisco has a lot to offer both visitors and residents. Whether you are in the mood for a bit of adventure, a learning experience, or simply some chill time, this city has you covered. When it comes to daytime attractions, there are 5 that should definitely feature high on your San Francisco bucket list.

They are the perfect combination of fun and relaxing, yet educational trips. This makes these attractions ideal whether you are going alone, with your mate, or with family. Here is a little more about each of them, and what you should expect.

3 Superb Golf Courses In Or Near Fremont

Whether you are planning to visit Fremont for a business trip or just for leisure and recreation, making a round of golf one of your top priorities can be rewarding. The city of Fremont and its surrounding areas are home to many outstanding golf courses that are suited for avid golfers from all over.

There are plenty of courses, and a variety of tee times designed to fit your schedule. If you are planning to play golf in or near Fremont, here are three incredible courses that you should seriously consider.

5 Most Popular Architectural Styles of Homes

Are you able to picture your ideal dream house in your head? Many people are able to do so, but the tricky part lies in being able to describe their perfect residence to an architect or realtor. To make the process more simple for you, we have gathered the most popular architectural styles of homes that you are likely to encounter across the country.

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Top Pros And Cons Of Buying A Foreclosed Home

The competitive real estate market has many buyers looking for the best deal when purchasing a home. For a majority of people, foreclosed homes are a way of getting a great home at a great price. Although these homes have their upsides, they also come with a few downsides. As such, it is important to be knowledgeable about the whole process. Looking to buy a foreclosed home? Here are the pros and cons that you should consider first.

8 Programs & Loans For First Time Home Buyers

Though the programs are not the same in all states, almost every state has a community development department that assists in matching home buyers with available financing programs. In case you are searching for a financial program to help you buy a home, here are some of the first time home buyer programs that you need to consider:

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6 Benefits Of Hiring A Buyer's Agent

Buying a home can be a long and drawn out process, from finding the right home to negotiating prices and signing contracts. It can be especially challenging if you do not have the necessary experience. This is why a buyer's agent would be your greatest asset. Not only does this professional ensure that you will buy the right home, but they will also protect all your interests.

But when should you hire one? Here are some of the benefits of hiring a buyer's agent before you look at homes.

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Cargill and Morton Salt: Newark's Impressive Salt Empire?

Whenever the San Francisco Bay Area's south-side is mentioned, most people will think of the multitude of massive technology corporations, aerospace engineering operations, and astronomically high real-estate prices. What few will immediately think of are the relatively low-profile salt harvesting operations that are such a distinctive part of the region: Cargill Salt and their operational compatriots, Morton Salt.

Connecting With Nature in Fremont: Quarry Lakes Regional Recreation Area

Quarry Lakes Regional Recreation Area, located in Fremont, is a gem for anyone seeking to connect with nature. The 462 acre park is a paradise for fishing, hiking, viewing wildlife, swimming, boating, and playing volleyball. At the center of the park is Horseshoe lake, where you can watch birds make an incredible streamlined plunge dive for trout, or better yet, try your luck with a baited line to catch a trout yourself.

If you love boating, then you will be treated to the fascinating gas-free watercraft at Rainbow Lake or Horseshoe Lake. The best part is that you can choose whether to park inside the main entrance (and pay a parking fee of $5), or you can park for free in another area and stroll for half a mile as you enjoy the breathtaking sceneries. What awaits you at the park will have you hooked for life!

Best Schools in the District of Newark, CA?

For parents, one of the most important considerations they have to make, while deciding on a new place to settle down, is the availability of good schools in the neighborhood. A place with good schools also indicates a better quality of life in the area, as kids are more likely to perform better in school if their environment is favorable.

Coyote Creek, CA: Beautiful Nature Excursion in Santa Clara County!

Feel like spending a day in nature? Consider Coyote Creek. It is a river that runs through Santa Clara County. It is over 63 miles long, and was previously named Arroyo del Coyote when it was first discovered in 1776. The river begins on Mount Sizer and flows all the way into the San Francisco Bay. There are two dams at the lower end of the creek, and the creek also supports 9 large tributaries.

Northwestern Polytechnic University: World Class Non-Profit Institution?

Known as one of the safest and cleanest cities in California, Fremont is home to one of its biggest prides - Northwestern Polytechnic University (NPU). Established in 1984 by Dr. Barbara Brown and Dr. Ramsey Carter, NPU is an institution that offers a high-standard technical and business education at undergraduate and graduate levels. It also operates as a non-profit institution.

19 tips for buying a newly constructed home

If you’re scrolling through Zillow hoping to find what you’re looking for, you may be wasting your time. Buying a newly constructed home will allow the new owner to have more control over what the interior will look like, giving it their own personal touch. They will get to choose their own style of countertops, cabinets, flooring, and much more. 

Today’s home plans have flexibility built-in so that buyers can choose a home that works best for them and their families, and a community that will suit their needs. Below are 19 helpful tips to consider when you are going to buy a newly constructed home:

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Best methods for finding your new home in Fremont, CA

Buying a home is a big commitment, probably the most significant purchase that you will make in your life. According to research conducted by Zillow, 52% of homeowners consider a home to be a great financial investment. As such, it is not something you should do without careful preparation. Long gone are the days when your dream home was a magazine flip away.

Planning to start on the road to ownership for your perfect home in Fremont, CA? Here are three methods you can use to find a new home in Fremont, especially if you are a first-time buyer.

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Can you work with multiple lenders when buying a new home?

Before my buyers sign the purchase agreement for their brand new home, I always make sure they understand the financing terms. Unlike the resale homes, new home purchase contract are drafted by the builders and are typically slanted heavily towards the builder. They offer little protection to the buyer, specially around financing.

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What is the best way to negotiate with home builders?

You are looking to purchase a branch new home. You already find the floor plan and you got the price from builder’s agent. Now you are wondering if if there is any room for negotiation on price or on incentives. Can you negotiate on the price of a new house? what kind of things can you negotiate?, does it make sense to hire a Realtor to do the negotiation for you? And how would you know if you are getting a good deal? ...
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